Talbert & Talbert Client Feature: dtls ARCHITECTURE

This month we feature dtls ARCHITECTURE, a rapidly growing architectural firm with roots in New York and an increasing amount of socially responsible projects around the globe.  Under the leadership of Principal Mark Bearak and Associates, Kate Samuels and Shalini Amin, dtls takes on commercial, residential, public, private and community outreach projects emphasizing collaboration with the client and other parties involved to ensure efficiency and satisfaction.  Possessing several years of combined industry experience, after only a year in service, dtls amassed a book of over 50 projects.

In such a short amount of time, the firms’ success can be attributed to many things, but their unique approach to each client and project has allowed for their business to grow almost entirely through word of mouth. Their work is so well regarded that clients are not only expressing their satisfaction, but they are talking about and recommending dtls to others in the industry seeking architectural services.

believes the future of architecture is in mixed-use space where many options are available for clients.  With the high-end market approaching a cap, the firm steadied it’s gaze on projects that are more focused on the efficient utilization of space.  Principal Mark Bearak sought to personalize the architectural experience allowing his wisdom from previous roles to dictate a strategy that involves the client as much as possible.  By incorporating transparency and encouraging teamwork, dtls affirms that the three pillars upon which their work is evaluated: timeline, level of quality and overall cost, do not have to be compromised.  It is this integrity and concentrated method that allows for the team to scale so rapidly without sacrificing scope of service or pursuit of meaningful projects.  The company enlists a strategy to their operations, splitting up their time accordingly: for every eight hours of  time spent on traditional projects, one hour is dedicated toward non-profit work and one hour is dedicated toward providing organizational and operational support to the business.  This enables the company to maintain it’s passion and to take on projects that ultimately benefit the communities in which they are developed.

With traditional projects taking up the majority of their hours, dtls also has some very exciting projects underway for the remainder of 2018 in addition to their usual scope.  In Cape Town South Africa, the firm was commissioned to assist in the creation of a state of the art medical testing facility.  In Uganda, they are developing a library for a refugee community with multiple access points to kiosks surrounding the area making it possible for those furthest from the central location can still take advantage of the many benefits a library system affords.  Meanwhile, back in New York, dtls is currently working on a rooftop project with a bar area and integrated light show.

Be sure to check out the official dtls ARCHITECTURE website to get a feel for their recent work and upcoming projects!



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