#WakeUpWednesday #TMG – Visa Challenges of a Touring Artist

This week we discussed some of the major issues touring artists encounter with Managing Partner of TMG, Paul Talbert! Take a look at this Q&A and discover how TMG helps artists overcome these issues and ensure safe travels! With The United States of America hosting some of the largest music events in the world, what are some major issues festival and event promoters run into when bringing over international talent to play? What kind of financial repercussions might accompany such challenges? […]

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#FeatureFriday #TMG – Dennis Sheperd’s ‘Across The Pond’ Comes Out this Monday (9/5)

With a long weekend coming up, we are getting ready for the highly anticipated new track by TMG artist, Dennis Sheperd! His latest track with Liftwalkers, “Across The Pond”, is out Labor Day Monday (September 5) on Dennis’s own label, A Tribute to Life!  It has already gained support from major artists including Photographer, Andy Moor, and more! This track follows previous releases including “Dare To Dream” Club Mix that broke the Top 100 Beatport Trance chart, as well as […]

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#FeatureFriday #TMG –#ACloserLook: The Man Behind Dreamstate

With the doors of the Brooklyn Hangar opening soon to house the first standalone, East Coast Dreamstate event, Talbert Management Group shines the spotlight on the man behind the trance festival, Managing Director of Dreamstate at Insomniac, Jeff Ryan. Ingrained in the Los Angeles music scene, Jeff Ryan found his calling as a dance music promoter at the young age of 16. Trudging through the Angeles Crest Mountains toward an ethereal light, it was “love at first sight,” he recalls—“an […]

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#WakeUpWednesday – Beatport Is Finally Rethinking Its Approach to Genre Tags

  Original article can be found on, written by Michael Sundius To the collective delight of DJs and producers everywhere, Beatport is finally updating its genre classification system. While the store has evolved dramatically in its 12 years of operation, its approach to genre tagging has remained relatively static. Terry Weerasinghe, VP of Marketing, confirmed the news to DJ Tech Tools in a recent interview. “This is something that the public has been asking for, and hands up, we’ve heard them,” […]

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#FeatureFriday #TMG- #ACloserLook into Chris SX

This past week, Allen & Envy’s Together Recordings welcomed two new releases to their label with brand new remixes of Honan’s “Solitude”. Rising talents Factor B and Chris SX bring a fresh take to this already successful track out now on Beatport. This week, we are pleased to introduce one of the Together Recordings remixers, Chris SX. Born in Germany, Chris SX has been producing and remixing since the late 90s, with expertise in a variety of trance styles. After […]

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#WakeUpWednesday #TMG – Pasquale Rotella: Why His Recent Acquittal Is Important

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella is no stranger to the spotlight. Having conquered the electronic music world with his epic, large-scale music festivals with the best artists in the world, Rotella recently found himself in the middle of another major event – a legal battle. In 2012, Rotella was involved in a legal case with allegations of embezzlement, conspiracy and bribery, for a total of six felony accounts. Prior to Electric Daisy Carnival finding a home at the Las Vegas Motor […]

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