Talbert Management Group is built on the foundation of career longevity and sustainability. A dedicated team with proven success will take into account all factors involving an Artists’ career and develop a strategy.

While having a committed management team by your side, you are also afforded the complete backing of Talbert & Talbert LLC, an international tax and finance firm. Talbert & Talbert LLC has developed a strong presence around the globe with clients such as: Polo by Ralph Lauren, Thom Browne and Paddle8 which is the world’s largest online art gallery, and many more.

Please take a look below at some of the other included services we offer and why they are important. For a more detailed explanation, click on the topic!

Provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise on the complex tax regulation across the globe and how to safe guard their assets.

  • Financial risk that exists when a financial transaction is denominated in a currency other than that of the base currency of the entity/artist.


  • As a touring artist, you are often subject to payments in different currencies. Understanding the risk involved and ensuring contracts/payments are met is something we help manage. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of ever changing exchange rates.

Efficiency and sustainability are at the core of what we believe is needed for a long-term career in this industry. As you gain traction and global acclaim, it is extremely important to maintain an efficient tax strategy, especially once you start touring, receiving international payments, and traveling outside of your home country for extended periods of time. We represent our client’s interests in multiple countries and have the expertise to recognize opportunities, capitalize on them, and make sure conflicts (short term and long) are resolved or avoided altogether.

Much like dealing with international tax issues, understanding how to categorize your income and asset recognition on a global scale can be extremely overwhelming. It is also extremely important to ensure accurate records to avoid heavy international tax fines and/or legal trouble. As a trusted figure within the international tax law community, Talbert Management Group will ensure that your finances are in order both domestically and globally.

There will always be circumstances and things outside of your control. Natural disasters, unforeseen movement in the markets, and many more events can surprisingly have a direct impact on your finances. To plan accordingly for the Economic Risks that may affect us in the short/long run can be quite daunting. At Talbert Management Group we anticipate the changes in the Economy through research and partnerships so that we can build a strategy that takes into consideration our ever changing global economy.

Moving abroad is never straight-forward and immigration goes beyond the mere relocation of you and your family. Along with ensuring you have the appropriate visas, we consider your financial status, your income and tax exposure, and liability and asset protection. We work with highly trained professionals from across the globe to provide the best advice and plans that will meet your needs.

As a touring artist, you are constantly subject to rules and regulations that may not be of your country of origin. If you do not abide by these rules, you could face significant penalties. Often times, an artist or the party booking the artist may not be familiar with such regulations. For example, any foreign artists coming into the United States, if not setup as a USA Entity, will be subject to substantial withholdings of their income. Whether it is specific to the United States or a different country, Talbert Management Group has put in place a solution. For a USA example broken out, Click Here!

The last thing you want as an artist is for someone else to use your hard work for their own personal gain. We ensure the proper handling and development of all Intellectual Property having to do with the artist.

In today’s high pace world, our clients need the custom tailored services of the collection, handling, and usage of their cash. We work with our clients to provide them the personalized services that they require on an ongoing basis. Our cash management services include:

  • Preparation of the books and records of your accounts
  • Check preparing, deposits and other banking services
  • Bank reconciliation/ preparation
  • Computerization of books and records
  • Bookkeeping and payroll instruction
  • Payroll tax services
  • Brokerage account recording and analysis
  • Estate and trust recording and analysis

The key here is growth and sustainability. Too often artists are thrown into a lifestyle that can consume their cash and potential for long-term growth. It is necessary to allocate your money properly so you can live comfortably long after you’ve stepped off the stage.

What do Jennifer Lopez, Troy Polamalu, Heidi Klum and Daniel Craig all have in common? They all have taken out private insurance plans on the most valuable assets to their profession (NY Times Article). In regards to an artist this would be ears, hands, eyes, and even in some cases your voice. Captive Insurance is also an extremely efficient way to reduce your ongoing risk, create significant tax-saving opportunities and is virtually unseen in the EDM industry. With expert knowledge and experience, we can help our clients take advantage of such an effective, underutilized strategy.

One’s Estate is constantly changing. Whether you are moving, there is a change in the family, gift or generation-skipping transfer tax, you need to develop a living will, setting up a trust or philanthropic vehicle, and many others, we work to provide sophisticated advice and implement strategies to ensure tax efficiency and protection of wealth as these changes occur.

There is an inherent understanding that as your assets grow, so does your risk. Without the right protection in place, dire circumstances can lead to a rapid and severe reduction in wealth. With significant expertise in risk analysis for businesses and individuals, our team is uniquely positioned to provide a holistic risk management strategy.

Given the complexity of today’s world, we believe that some artists and their families need the custom tailored structure of a Single Family Office (SFO). Essentially, this is a private company that manages investments and trusts for a single family. The company’s financial capital is the family’s own wealth, often accumulated over many family generations. Through a family office, we can build out a much more efficient model providing multiple opportunities for savings.