Paul Talbert, Managing Partner and Principal

Paul Talbert is the innovative, knowledgeable and forward thinking Managing Partner of Talbert & Talbert, LLC and of the wholly owned subsidiary, Talbert Management Group. His keen understanding of twenty-first century business management and financial needs have catapulted Talbert & Talbert, LLC from a modest local accounting service to a rapidly expanding full-service international accounting firm with an ever-growing global client base.

[expand title=”Read More”]Under his guidance, numerous individuals and companies in different business sectors successfully meet their goals. Regardless of what phase of personal or corporate life a client finds themselves, Paul can give strategic advice that is informed by years of experience. His ability to merge his breadth of knowledge and experience with creative management and financial strategies separates him and his firm from all others in the field.

Although Talbert & Talbert, LLC provide a wide array of services to various individuals and companies, Paul has found that in the past half-decade many ultra-wealthy families, in particular, various high-profile artists from the arts, entertainment, fashion and media, have found his firm’s services to be of particular benefit. In response to the demand, Paul and his Partner, Cindy Talbert, have decided to provide specialized business and financial services to the artistic community, especially Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artists, through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Talbert Management Group.

Recognizing that the chasm is widening between the needs of all artists, including those in the ever expanding EDM marketplace, and strategic business management, Paul as the Managing Partner of Talbert Management Group has purposefully sought to develop a roster of young artists from around the globe that he can help build into successful entrepreneurs. He oversees artists as well as their business-partner development to ensure that each artist has dedicated and specialized financial consultancy on a company level.

As a specialist in domestic and global financial management, Paul provides all clients, especially those in the EDM industry, with unprecedented services in local and international tax issues, global income and asset recognition, currency and economic risk management, visa issues, family offices, copyright/trademark infringement risk, captive insurance, wealth management, estate and legacy planning. Paul’s knowledge of the industry ensures that all EDM artists strategically structure themselves to find success not only on stage but off stage as well.

Trusted and respected by both domestic and international clients, in business sectors ranging from hotel and real estate to engineering and medicine to arts and entertainment, Paul has consistently and repeatedly demonstrated his ability to exceed client expectations. His high level of client retention affirms the value of his attentiveness and service.[/expand]

S.Cindy Talbert, Managing Director and Principal

Cindy Talbert is the dynamic and highly organized Partner of Talbert & Talbert, LLC and the Managing Director of the Talbert Management Group. Her determination to be effective and efficient while maintaining her cheerful demeanor has garnered the respect of those she leads and serves. By forging caring partnerships, meaningful collaborations and trusting relationships, Cindy has been instrumental in positioning the firm for long-term growth.

[expand title=”Read More”]Prior to joining Talbert & Talbert, LLC, Cindy honed her managerial and media skills with one of the world’s leading independent media management companies, IPG Media Brands.
She first served as the Accounts Payable Supervisor and oversaw all aspects of the department, including the writing of all necessary reports to ensure compliance goals were met as well as maintaining superior communication channels with clients. Six years later, she was promoted to Media Buyer. In this capacity, she learned about the important relationship between the media, management and accounting.

When Cindy joined Talbert & Talbert, LLC in 2005, she was more than ready to meet the evolving challenges that were emerging as the firm quickly grew from a local accounting company to a full-service international accounting firm. Her wealth of accounting experience, managerial skills as well as her understanding of media branding have all proven indispensable as Talbert & Talbert, LLC and Talbert Management Group emerge as a one-stop global management company for domestic and international artists and companies. She is particularly enthusiastic about the opportunities that have emerged as a result of the firms foray into the EDM marketplace. She plays a pivotal role not only in the marketing to EDM artists but also in the development of client specific financial strategies.

As a dynamic partner and spirited professional, Cindy works vigorously to foster client relationships. She is grateful and proud to know that many clients view her and her husband, Paul Talbert, not merely as business partners but as friends. The two, together, form an unstoppable financial and managerial powerhouse that many clients from various business sectors are proud to have represent and guide them in financial matters.[/expand]

Doug Paxson, Marketing & Partnership Manager

As the marketing and partnership manager at Talbert Management Group, Doug handles the marketing efforts on behalf of the company with the main purpose of establishing new business relationships and strengthening existing ones.  With access to an extensive network and the expertise of Paul and Cindy Talbert, Talbert Management Group and its affiliates are in a prime position to offer unparalleled opportunities to niche industry markets.  Given the unique ability of Talbert & Talbert to implement strategies that typically provide clients with an ROI of 30:1, Doug is constantly looking ahead to new and exciting prospects.  Always focused on the big picture, Doug believes there is no company unfit for an evaluation of Talbert services.  That is why he is keen on meeting new people and networking whenever possible.

[expand title=”Read More”]After launching a successful career in the world of client services, Doug partnered up with Talbert Management Group to bring passion and business together.  Focusing first on the development of artists within the electronic music industry, Talbert Management Group saw how they could further progress their clients’ careers through a stronger focus on partnering with the right companies to create revenue opportunties.  Seeking these partnerships has enabled Talbert & Talbert to further expand its offerings and global exposure.

Having worked with companies in several different industries, Doug, along with Talbert Management Group, also aims to provide consulting services for artists, record labels, management companies and other companies closely related to the entertainment industry.[/expand]