#WakeUpWednesday #TMG – Look to The U.S. Virgin Islands for Powerful Business Solutions

This week we focus on a unique opportunity to work closely with the U.S. Virgin Islands and the advantages of doing so.

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The U.S. Virgin Islands boast unique tax benefits that translate to a better bottom line for travelling artists, their management companies and their agencies by offering comprehensive tax programs. These programs include some of the most competitive tax benefit packages across the world, let alone the Caribbean!

These tax programs are fully sanctioned by the U.S. government and IRS, and it’s not subject to scrutiny.

Through the Economic Development Commission’s (EDC) and the Research and Technology Park (RT Park) offshore tax program, qualifying companies are eligible for the following tax benefits, among others:

  • 90% reduction in corporate income tax
  • 90% reduction in personal income tax
  • 100% exception on excise tax
  • 100% exemption on property taxes and gross receipts tax
  • No state or territory tax


Our Parent Company “Talbert & Talbert” has fortified a strong partnership with the local government and their affiliates.

The USVI offers an abundance of opportunity for individuals and or companies to setup their residences and or offices efficiently.  With access to a growing university and an educated workforce, the USVI offers a competitive market for employment.  In addition, the islands offer access to state of the art technology and affordable infrastructure.

Most importantly, the local government encourages more businesses into their economy. We feel this is great opportunity for individuals and or businesses to explore further.

To learn more about the EDC and RT Park Programs and how Talbert Management Group works closely with companies to take advantage of these programs, feel free to contact us here: Contact Us!

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